• To create a Cooperative with like-minded competitions and conventions to provide a platform for studio owners to choose when and where they compete using accrued credit.
  • To build a bridge between studio owners and competitions/conventions by having a studio advisory board, helping to encourage communication and understanding throughout the dance industry.


The DANCE Cooperative of Competitions & Conventions have come together to offer viable solutions to studios during this time of uncertainty.  This Cooperative is determined to offer our dancers a return to the stage once this is all behind us, sharing between us strength, stability, and resources.


To our Industry, our Members, our Employees, our Customers, our Families and our Community we promise to set the standard for Safety, Integrity, Excellence, Accountability, Innovation, and Communication.

Our Story and Purpose:

These times have been unlike any other our world and dance community has ever known. The events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic have turned businesses’, families’, and individuals’ lives upside down, but have also proved that our resolve is stronger than we could have imagined. Our studios and dancers continue to teach, train, and inspire the rest of the world.

We understand that our valued studio directors have been trying to manage an entire new form of dance education during this time, while juggling financial distress, children being home, and restructuring of syllabuses to continue to employ their own staff. 

We also want to be completely open with our dance families as to our own situations; we owe you transparency during this time, and that is what we intend to provide.  Competitions during this crisis have completed only 25% of the 2020 season.  Full-time staff payroll, training, airline tickets, insurance, theater deposits, awards, merchandise, equipment, mortgages or rent, utilities, professional and legal services, software fees, and more are usually amortized over our complete tour season. Furthermore, the logistics and financial planning for these tours are planned a year prior.

On March 12, our respective staffs had already started to arrive to our competitions for the weekend, and our trucks were loaded and leaving, filled with a weekend of excitement for your dancers and families.  Then with little or no notice, our always quickly moving competition machine met with an abrupt STOP.  As different facets of the country began to shut down, our flights were delayed, our theaters closed, and our road staff, whom we love, were immediately left without work.

Human life is more important than any competition, and we support the measures our states and country have taken to reduce the spread of this virus; we had been trying to adapt week by week, change by change, and quickly realized that in order to save this industry, competition owners needed to come together to serve the studios, the dancers, and their families in the best way we could.


Realizing our industry must adapt in order to weather this crisis, a “Co-op” model was proposed, similar to the codeshare agreements used by airlines when a flight is rescheduled or there are no ways to get you to your destination on time, and you can be given a seat on a different airline in exchange. No matter the airline logo on the tail of the aircraft, if there’s an open seat on our metaphorical planes, we should work together with our brothers and sisters in this industry to get our customers home, and back on the competition stages. Service and value to dancers and studio owners has always been the hallmark of our individual organizations. Therefore, in the wake of the COVID-19 disruptions, we have created this small cooperation of reputable, like-minded competitions and conventions who are determined to offer our dancers a return to the stage once this is all behind us, sharing between us strength, stability, and resources.

The Competition and Convention Cooperative has been established to offer studios and dancers who have outstanding credit accrued during the 2020 competition season (entry fees which have already been paid to any of our competitions) the opportunity to use these credits among any of the CCC affiliated companies. Any funds paid to a CCC registered affiliate will be available to use among any future Cooperative events at no extra cost or penalty to the studio. Our hope is to provide our dance families with as many options to utilize already paid funds and continue to rebuild the dance industry one event at a time. Competition owners care about each other, this industry, and our customers: the studios, the dancers, and their families. Our priority is making things as easy as possible in this difficult time. We have a vested interest in the continued success of our dance studios.  We will come together to ensure our dancers find a stage to do what they love again.

At Your Service, 

The Charter Members of the CCC