1. What organizations are currently a part of this Cooperative? 

The DANCE Competition and Convention Cooperative consists of:

  • BravO! National Dance & Talent Competition
  • In10sity Dance
  • Leap! National Dance Competition
  • Precision Arts Challenge
  • Talent on Parade
  • Thunderstruck Dance Competition
  • Immerse Artists Experience (Convention)

The DANCE Cooperative of Competitions & Conventions has been formed by a small group of Competitions to provide more options for studios to use available dollar-amount credits towards rescheduled events.  The CCC is not a governing body.  Each participating Competition has their own policies, rules, and procedures but has united to bring a variety of solutions to our clients.

2. What happens if I have credits with more than one of the CCC affiliates? 

Credits with any of the CCC members can be used for any rescheduled events in 2020 and 2021. 

3. How long do I have to use my credits?

Credits from events that were disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic can be used with any participating member throughout the 2021 season. Beginning with the start of the new 2021-2022 season, credits will only be applied to the specific competition to which the credits were issued.


4. When is the earliest Cooperative competition event to which I can apply my credits?

Credits can be applied at any participating CCC event as soon as CDC restrictions are lifted, and events can take place. The CCC will inform studios who hold credit when registration is open for these events. 

5. What happens if the entry fees are at a different dollar rate at my new event in the network than the one I originally was to participate in? 

Fees will be transferred at the exact dollar amount paid. If you do not use all your credits, they will be carried over. If you have a balance, that balance will be due at the regularly scheduled payment deadline. 

6. How do I transfer my credits to a different cooperative competition?

Simply register for the event of your choice and contact that specific competition/convention. You will need to let that participating CCC member know which competition’s credits you wish to apply to your account.

7. Can I apply my credits to competitions or conventions outside of this Cooperative?

Credits can only be used at participating competitions.


All participating competitions will take routines as long as space allows.  If a competition has sold out, we will help you find another competition within the network that can accommodate your dance studio.